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Repurposed. Recycled. Organic.


Colter & Roe was born out of a desire for simplicity. Our mission has always been to create functional, eco-friendly clothing with a single stylish aesthetic. 

And yet, just as every small action tends to form something larger, we stumbled across something else. Beyond our European inspired pieces- their clean lines and neutral colours- we found a mission that felt truly authentic to our brand...circular goodness.

Circular goodness is the idea that we get back the good we put out into the world. AtColter & Roe, all pieces are made to last, constructed from upcycled and sustainable materials in fair wage environments. Not only do we make garments that are kinder on the planet and to society, but we reward you for holding onto them. You’ll get 10% credit back for each year that you keep a garment… Because, in an age of fast fashion and temporary trends, it’s the simple & truly good clothing that will always survive.

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